$20 Billion a Year Wasted on IT Purchases!

$20 Billion a Year Wasted on IT Purchases!

The government invests about $81 billion of your money in information technology each year. However, it doesn’t get a good return with as much as $20 billion a year wasted. We can have better government, for less money, if we invest smarter. It’s time to bring the IT revolution to the federal government.

Seriously folks, it’s time to make our government stop squandering sooooo much money, each and every day!

When individuals display this type of behavior, they are forced into bankruptcy and given “training” on proper money management and the right way to look at money!

Well, anytime our government is Wasting an amount that just about equals what the people in any one state sends in for their income taxes, it’s time to put a stop to it and make those Bureaucrats responsible for government spending learn “proper money management” and teach them a whole different way to “look at money!”

And if you think this is just one part of government, just take a look at the 2014 Obama Budget Proposal…tons and tons of waste proposed in that one!

Our Founding Fathers warned us about deficit spending and keeping our financial affairs in order so as to NOT jeopardize our National Freedom or our Individual Liberty and Prosperity!

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