$200,000.00 a year is middle class in Arkansas?

$200,000.00 a year is middle class in Arkansas?

Arkansas Senator, Mark Pryor (D-AR) apparently is far, far, far off into la-la-land!

In last night’s debate with Republican challenger Tom Cotton, Mr. Pryor, in response to a question about the middle class in Arkansas, “guessed” about $200,000.00 per year, in income!

Have you ever spent any time in Arkansas?

Some of the nicest people in the world live there.  And there is some really beautiful country and landscapes to see.  But nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year in income being the middle class?

Not even close!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average household income in Arkansas is a little over $40,500.00 per year.  A far cry from Mr. Pryor’s answer.

It is absolutely amazing to me that someone in a public position can be so out of touch!  The really amazing thing to me is that so many people are actually thinking of, or already have voted for this guy!

Just another observation in the big world of politics.

May Liberty remain yours and your blessings many!

Stan W.



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