2012 U. S. Presidential Election Results

2012 U. S. Presidential Election Results

It’s just past 12:30 now and pretty obvious that Mr. Obama has won a second term as President of the United States of America.  Congratulations and Best Wishes.

I’ll dive further into the numbers tomorrow and we’ll talk a little about the Senate and House results too.

Have a Great Evening and once again…Congratulations to Mr. Obama!


Midnight Eastern and both Fox and ABC have the race at 281 for Obama and 203 for Romney, although both still have Romney about 300,000 votes ahead in the cumulative total.

11:45 and now Fox has the Electoral Vote at 275 Obama and 203 for Romney, and ABC has it at 281 Obama to 203 for Romney.

11:21 and Fox has just declared Obama the winner with 275 Electoral votes.  If this prediction holds true, Congratulations are in order!

11:15 Eastern and Fox now predicts 268 for Obama and 203 for Romney, while ABC has it 257 for Obama and 203 for Romney.  Both are showing Romney just over 1 million ahead in the cumulative popular vote.

11:00 Eastern and California has just been called by Fox for Obama.  This makes it Obama 244, Romney 193 on Fox and it’s Obama 244, Romney 178 on ABC.

10:30 Eastern now and ABC has  Obama up 172 to 163 and Fox has the race tied at 162.

10 Eastern and Fox has Romney up on Obama 162 to 157 in the Electoral count.  ABC has the same numbers!

It’s now 9 Eastern and Fox has Romney with 149 electoral votes and Obama with 127.  ABC has Romney with 153 and Obama with 123.

It’s now well after 7:45 on the East Coast of America and the early voting returns are encouraging for Mitt Romney in the race for America’s Next President.

Fox News is calling several states already for Romney.  They now include Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia and they are calling Vermont for Obama.  This makes the early Electoral count Romney 33, Obama 3.  We all know this will change dramatically as the evening moves along.

Georgia is now projected for Romney which makes the Electoral count Romney 49, Obama 3.

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