2014 Midterm Elections

2014 Midterm Elections

Hello and Welcome back!  It’s good to see you again.

Yesterday,  Tuesday,  04 November,  the 2014 Midterm Elections were held throughout the United States.

The results really should not have surprised anyone, with the Republicans increasing their majority in the house and taking a majority in the Senate also.

We are consistently told how good things are,  how many jobs the Obama administration has created, and how without Democrats in charge, things are sure to go to hell in a handbasket…right now!

Problem is that it’s all lies!  Any jobs this administration has “created” has been at taxpayer expense.  Things really aren’t that good outside of government jobs.  The unemployment rate is NOT as low as the White House claims, as the do not count those whose benefits have expired or those who have “quit” looking for work.  When included, those two groups push the number up to well over 10% nationally.

These items along with some of the promises made (transparency, encourage the different races of people to coexist, etc…), in addition to stonewalling every single inquiry into anything having to do with government and this administration… not to mention the millions of dollars Obama and the Democrats spent to keep his birth certificate and school records out of the public… All combine to create almost a complete distrust of this White House.

With a gain of at least 7 seats in the Senate and 15 in the House of Representatives, this sends a message to the White House that really should not be ignored!

What is that message?

We’re tired of your way of doing things and it’s time to change!

What do you think, did the Obama administration get the message?

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