3 Contests, 3 Wins for Romney

3 Contests, 3 Wins for Romney
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Yesterday was the third (3rd) of April, 2012 and the day Washington, D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin all held their Republican Primary elections.  Given the states (and district) this should come as no surprise, but Mitt Romney won all three elections…and by pretty comfortable margins!

Let’s recap the Washington D.C. primary first:

Romney was chosen on 70%  of the ballots, with Ron Paul getting 12% and Newt Gingrich garnered 11%.  Rick Santorum failed to get a spot on the D.C. ballot for this primary.  By taking first and Santorum not participating, Mitt was able to pad his lead in the delegate count without expending too many resources for those delegates.  He has been awarded 16 delegates for now and there are still 3 delegates to be had from this race.

In Maryland, Santorum did make the ballot, but the story was more of the same.  Mitt Romney was the choice to represent Republicans in the November 2012 Presidential election on 49% of the ballots.  Rick Santorum was the choice for 29% of the voters.  Newt Gingrich received 11% and Ron Paul was the choice for 10% of the voters.  Mitt added 37 delegates to his total in this race.

Last on the night, but certainly not least, was Wisconsin.  To complete the sweep, Mitt Romney took first here too, though it was a lot closer than the others were.  Mitt was “the man” on 44% of the ballots, while Rick was it for 37% of the voters.  Ron Paul took third here with 11% and Newt was fourth with 6% of the vote.  Mitt has been awarded 30 delegates, while Rick received 6.

According to the delegate scorecard over at CNN.com, Mitt Romney now has 654 committed delegates and an additional 34 non pledged delegates that should go to him.  Rick Santorum has 268 pledged and 2 non pledged.  Newt Gingrich has 134 pledged and 3 non pledged.  Ron Paul is the only other candidate with delegates and he has 71 pledged, according to CNN.com.

Other sites have the delegate counts a little different than these, but most of them have the same type of numbers…a lot of delegates for Romney, more than a few for Santorum but not nearly enough to challenge, and a few for both Newt and Ron.

In my next article we’ll look at some of the internal numbers for these contests and contrast them with those held earlier.  I’m looking forward to it and we’re looking forward to seeing you again soon,

Stan W.



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