America Deserves Better Than The Two Party System Offers

America Deserves Better Than The Two Party System Offers
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Hey and good to see you again!  S.C. here, and I wanted to talk to you today about what politics in America has devolved into, otherwise known as the two party system.  If you listen to the mainstream media outlets,  most of the time they write stories that paint the third party candidates as people on the fringe of society or out and out idiots.

Watch this ad from the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and see if you think he’s on the fringe or do you think he’s carrying on in the vein the Founding Fathers intended for this country.

Here’s a little video that I found from Gary Johnson’s 2012 Campaign.

A lot of politicians are mentioned in the video.  He mentions that “this is bigger than Ron Paul, Bigger than Gary Johnson”, he is saying that Freedom is going to take All of Us.  Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are in regard to the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson being Americas Next President and we’ll see you right here again real soon.

S.C. Wilkinson



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