Arrogance has sunk more than one political campaign

Arrogance has sunk more than one political campaign

Obama Left The Back Door Open!  Will it be the undoing of Obama in Michigan??

“I’ve been screaming at [the Obama campaign] for months that this race was going to be close. They didn’t listen to me.”

— A Michigan Democratic strategist talking to Power Play about the presidential race in the Great Lakes state.

Amazingly enough this kind of thing happens time and time again.

A candidate has an area that he or she thinks will absolutely vote for him/her no matter what.  So that area is ignored during the campaign.  The people living in that area get a little indignant about being taken for granted, so they vote for the other guy in a “protest” vote to teach the candidate a lesson.  Is this what’s happening in Michigan?

What do you think?  Did Obama ignore Michigan so much that he’ll end up loosing the state to Romney? Do you think it was wise for Team Obama to ignore Michigan as much as they did?

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