Tom Cotton Asks Why Can’t Obama Stop Terrorists?
Arkansas Representative Tom Cotton (R) asks Why Can't the Obama Administration Stop the Terrorists before they strike INSIDE America? He points out that since Mr. Obama has taken office there have been at least 5 terrorist attacks within the borders of our country.  Mr. Cotton also points out that AFTER September 11, 2001, under the Bush Administration, No Terrorists were able to carry out their plans to attack any where in The United States of America!  Zero in Seven Years for Bush, Five in [...]
Gary Johnson’s Newest Ad
Hi and welcome back. You know we've started up a news page for each day, don't you?  To find them, just look at the top of the site, and choose your day, there you will find a few news stories about the presidential race and those in it. The 2012 Presidential Election appears to be a true turning point in this countries history.  Funny thing though, I'll bet well over 95% of the news stories only include Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  It sure seems as if the papers and television outlets only [...]

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