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Americas Next President Hopefuls
Hi and thank you for spending a bit of your time with us today. We are starting a series to take a look at all of the folks who have thrown their hat into the ring to become Americas Next President. First up, we'll have Rand Paul explain his stance on taxes in America.   Here is a video from Rand, with his idea of a Fair and Flat tax, both on Corporations and Individuals. Enjoy the video and be sure to leave a comment below, let us know what you think. [...]
Hard for the Mainstream Media to Ignore Herman Cain any Longer!
Herman Cain is smiling because he is the man with a plan! It is impossible for the media to ignore Herman Cain Any Longer! After 3 consecutive straw poll wins (2 of them were blowouts!) and a viable plan to both raise revenue and cut our tax rates, Herman Cain is creating quite a problem for the mainstream media these days! Have you given any consideration to Mr. Cain's tax and revenue plan?  He calls it the 999 plan.  "What does 999 stand  for?", you may be asking yourself. The p [...]

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