Chris Cox…A True American

Chris Cox…A True American

With all the issues being created between the houses of Congress and the petulant behavior of our Commander-in-Chief, along comes an American citizen in the truest sense of the term.

He is taking it upon himself to clean up the Lincoln Memorial grounds before the Veterans arrive this coming weekend.  The memorial (as with all Federal items) belongs to the people, so Mr. Cox wants to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for our military veterans to visit.


He’s asking for no pay, just a few volunteers to help out and to honor our military veterans.   Here is an interview of Mr. Cox via Darrell Issa’s YouTube Channel.


Unfortunately, our Federal Government don’t seem to be able to accept the unpaid help, as they (the federal police) asked him to stop working and to leave, for “liability” reasons.


Volunteer mows grass at the Lincoln Memorial during Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown in effect, Mr. Cox took it upon himself to perform lawn maintenance at the Lincoln Memorial. Photo by Brandon Morse via Twitter @TheBrandonMorse.

Here is the story that alerted me to this “citizen landscaper” and a photo of Mr. Cox mowing the lawn before he was “asked” to stop by the police.

Mr. Chris Cox is giving us a Great Example of what “We the People” really should and does mean.  Yes, we have people employed to take care of these things, but since they are not on the job right now, Mr. Cox has taken it upon himself to make the memorial look as nice as possible for the veterans due to arrive in Washington D.C. this weekend!

Thank you Mr. Cox, Thank You!

Stan Wilkinson and the entire staff here at Salutes You!



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