Dirty Harry and His Threats

Dirty Harry and His Threats

Harry Reid Smiling for the Senate PhotographerDid you hear about Harry Reid’s threat to the GOP in the House and the Senate?  No?  Well, here it is.  Straight from the horses mouth.

“If something doesn’t break here I am going to recommend to the president that he recess-appoint all of these nominees,” said Reid. “[E]very single one. It’s not as if there isn’t some way to respond to this.”

The funny thing to me is that he refuses to accept any possibility that the reason Republicans were voted into the majority in the House, and made gains in the Senate is partially because of the appointments Obama had made before the 2010 elections.

I know I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’m really tired of these appointments being nothing more than attempts to repay campaign or political debt.  In some cases they have been even more to the left than Obama is.  I, for one, am tired of “rubber stamping” people into positions where they can do a lot of damage with little or no meaningful oversight.

A whole bunch of bureaucrats taking up places as “Presidential Appointments” is not something we need.  More “yes men and women” to a president that is taking the country in the wrong direction.  No Thanks!

Here’s a link the original article over at thehill.com.

What do you think?  Does Americas Next President need to appoint people en masse during a recess, or would you rather the President work with Congress to find someone that is acceptable to all, or at least to a majority?

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