Do the Right Thing and Get Punished For It?

Do the Right Thing and Get Punished For It?

On Monday, 29 April, 2013, Progressive policy and ideals reared it’s ugly head again.  This time it was in Johnston County, North Carolina, in the town of Princeton.  That’s right, on Monday, in a small town not too far from Goldsboro, North Carolina, progressive democrat stupidity and elitism is running rampant…again.

You see, on that day, an Honor student (who is also an Eagle Scout) made a mistake, realized it, tried to do the right thing, and is now being punished for it.  “Cole” Withrow parked his pick up truck in the school parking lot then reached into the back seat to get his books for school.  That’s when he realized his shotgun (which was UNLOADED) was still in his truck from skeet shooting a day or two before.

He took his books, went inside the school and called his Mother to ask her to come get the gun out of his truck or give him permission to leave school to take it back home.  To me, this seems like a prudent thing to do.  Well, to the school employee that overheard this conversation, it seemed like a chance to put another (or maybe the first) notch in his or her belt!  He was immediately reported to the principal for possessing a firearm on school property, who then called the Johnston County Sheriffs Department and detained Mr. Withrow.

The immediate outcome is that this Honor Student has been suspended from school for one year, and charged with a felony for making a mistake, then trying to correct it immediately.  To me, this is the real stupidity part of the story.  Now, for the elitism part!

You see, it turns out that about two years ago, one of the Assistant Principals at this very same school, “accidentally” brought a LOADED Handgun onto school property.  What happened to her?  Here’s the elitism part…She was suspended for THREE DAYS, allowed to keep her job and gun (from what I understand) and was NOT charged with a felony!

My own opinion is that these “educators” are really not too worried about teaching our children how to get along in the world and make successes of themselves.  No, these (as is the case with a lot of “educators” today) are only concerned with teaching the children how to follow instructions (I’m not saying that’s not a necessary skill….but it’s not the only skill these kids need to learn!) and teaching them that certain people are indeed, above the rules, regulations and laws set out for the rest of us!

Here’s a video report from Kelli O’Hara with WTVD television, from the High School parking lot in Princeton, NC.

Stories like this one make one realize that common sense is really not all that common anymore!

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