Drama of the Mind an Obama Specialty?

Drama of the Mind an Obama Specialty?

Over at the National Review Online, today there is an excellent article written by Victor Davis Hanson and titled:

Obama’s Psychodramas

In this article, Mr. Hanson points out a lot of times when Mr. Obama seems to have taken some “artistic liberties” in trying to convince us that certain things need to be controlled by government, while ignoring the truth or minimizing other situations where he doesn’t appear to have figured out a way to make money, gather votes or garner more political power from a particular event.

One example takes us back to the EF5 Tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007.   As a result of this tornado, 11 people lost their lives and about 95% of the city was demolished!  Now, these two statistics are horrible enough, but apparently they weren’t nearly bad enough for Mr. Obama (who was a candidate at the time).  No, Mr. Obama just had to “embellish” the truth a bit.  He made the claim that 10,000 people died!  He was trying to connect the dots that the lack of National Guardsmen in the town (ostensibly because they were in Iraq…again, not true!) caused more deaths than there should have been.

Any one with even half an ounce of common sense and enough curiosity to do just a little bit of research would have known immediately that this was not only an exaggeration of the truth, but actually an out-and-out lie!  You see, the town only had a population of 1,574 in the 2000 census!  I’m a little curious (as I was then)… did the town’s population swell by 650% because of storm chasers watching this tornado?  Please tell us, exactly why were there an extra 8,426 people in this little town on this particular day?  You can’t do it, can You?  No, you can’t…that’s because it didn’t happen the way you claimed…just one of your psychodramas, or as I like to call them, another Drama of the Mind!

Too many times Mr. Obama has said things like this without anyone in the “mainstream media” even questioning the math, or the story.  In my opinion, this makes them a complicit and willing partner in these Psychodramas and in the results of the Obama Presidency.

Don’t just take my word for it, read Obama’s Psychodrama’s, decide for yourself and let us know what you think!



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