Presidential News for February 10, 2013

President Obama speaks about Usama Bin Laden

Obama Speaking from The President’s Podium

Hello and Welcome to the News page for the U.S. President (Barack Obama) and those connected to him or the office of the President.   Today is Sunday, February 10, 2013.  

There is a lot going on these days in and around the Obama administration, and since your time is very valuable to us, as well as yourself, let’s get right to the news!   


NRA News Report: Media Misinformation | Tony Bennett  was on CNN on February 7, 2013, and really sounded like he belongs on there.

Federal Reserve has a split personality according to James Gill.   And James Gill thinks it should stay that way!

New CBO report good for political posturing, useless for understanding economic malaise.   ‘The report basically takes current law and boldly attempts to forecast future economic conditions based on an interpretation of the effects of current budgetary measures, spending and debt levels, and tax rates.’

Chuck Hagel Says Israel’s Nukes More of a Threat than Iran’s.

Don’t Be Seduced by the Sequester.   ‘…It’s also true that President Obama has been utterly unserious about dealing with spending, and that he’s now disingenuously criticizing a sequester he proposed and insisted on in 2011…’

Obama Released Bush’s Torture Memos. Why Not Release the Targeted-Killing Memos?   Just amazing that he releases documents trying “bury” others in the court of public opinion, but won’t even address his own shortcomings.


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