Presidential News for February 11, 2013

Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama discuss things

Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama discuss things

Welcome to the News for the U.S. President (Barack Obama), his administration and all those having to do with him.   Today is Monday, February 11, 2013.  Since your time is very valuable, let’s get right to the news. 

A little side note, today is the third anniversary of my Father’s passing and to those that say “time heals all wounds”, I say…”time is a curious master.”  Rest in Peace My Father.  Rest in Peace.

Dr. Benjamin Carson Wipes The Smile Off Obamas Face At The National Prayer Breakfast.

Nancy Pelosi Says  There’s No ‘Spending Problem’

Obama leads Democrats out on a limb.   ‘From the first days of his re-election campaign until as recently as a month ago, President Obama described himself “a pretty practical guy” who is “not driven by some ideological agenda.”‘  Who is exactly that he is lying to?

44% Rate Obama’s Deficit Reduction Efforts As Poor.   I don’t rate his efforts as poor, I rate them as non-existent!  Here is a good article on this over at Investor’s Business Daily.

Social Security Trust Fund Likely To Run Out In 2031.   The thing the politicians don’t like to admit, is that Social Security was just another way to tax people from the beginning.  Don’t believe me?  In the next few days I’ll post a bit of the history of it, along with Supreme Court Rulings (from the 1930’s, 1940’s & 1950’s) that affirm it is nothing more than another tax and that no citizen is guaranteed any money out of it!

Anti-McConnell television ads signal beginning of long reelection campaign.  Obama and the Dems are already trying to get rid of the opposition for 2014.  Anything to make the president’s job a little easier seems to be mantra.


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