Presidential News for February 14, 2013

Hello and Welcome to the News Page for the U. S. President, Barack Obama, his administration and all those connected to the office in some way.  Today is Thursday, February 14, 2013.   With all kinds of news going on in the world today, and quite a bit having to do with the office of the President, let’s get right to the stories!   

Dr. Cornel West Says ‘Nixon, Bush, OBAMA, They’re ALL War Criminals.’

STUDY: A Rise In The Minimum Wage Would Slam Teenage Employment.   Oh, what a surprise!  Higher Minimum Wages Would Mean Less Teenagers Employed.  Who in the world could have seen that coming???

Nancy Pelosi Says, “No more pay freeze for federal employees.”   I and several others say You and the Federal Employees Should NOT Get a Pay Raise Until YOU get the Deficit Under Control and Learn to Live Within Your Means.

A Most Peculiar Test Drive.  By Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect & CEO.  The New York Times Lied in an Article?  Nah….Really, what a surprise that is!  The amazing thing to me is that the Electric Car is supposed to be one of the “progressives” causes…maybe it’s only a cause if it’s manufactured by Government Motors….err, General Motors.

Hope in Rubio and Paul’s State of the Union responses.  The Tea Party and the New Republicans refuse to give up on America!


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