Presidential News for February 15, 2013

Hello and Welcome to the News for the U. S. President, Barack Obama, his staff, and all those connected to him or the office.  Today is Friday, February 15, 2013.   Since your time is valuable, let’s get right to the stories.  

President Harrison J. Bounel.   “Who is Harrison J. Bounel? According to the 2009 tax return submitted by President Barack Obama, he’s the President of the United States.”   Really, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that a fraud has been committed against the American Public.

Senate GOP Agree on Hagel Vote After Obama Offers Benghazi Letter.   I say if the letter is not delivered well before the vote, and if it’s not a very in depth and all encompassing letter, you still hold off the vote!

Obama’s EEOC: We’ll Sue You If You Don’t Hire Criminals.   It’s just amazing to me that these kinds of insane rules keep coming out of this White House!  I’m all in favor of giving someone a fair chance, but it’s just crazy to tell employers they have to employ a particular person just because he or she has applied for a job.

Senate to Hagel: Come back next week.  But don’t expect anything different.

What about Jack Lew? Here Are Five reasons to stop his confirmation.   The best reason for me is that Mr. Obama wants him there.  If he wants Lew in that position, then what is it that Mr. Lew can do for Mr. Obama?  We all should know by now that Mr. Obama doesn’t put anybody in place for the good of the country, only for the “good” of the Party!

Tea Party super-PAC girds for coming primary clashes with Karl Rove group.   The Tea Party Has Launched a Super-Pac to Make Sure Karl Rove Is NOT Running Roughshod over the GOP and Conservatives.

In Defense of Obama’s Drone War.   The case for the use of drones is clear, but the DOJ didn’t make it.   According to Charles Krauthammer there is a case to be made for Drones…the DOJ just didn’t make it.


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