Presidential News for February 17, 2013

Welcome to the News for the U.S. President, Barack Obama, his administration and those connected to the office in some way.   Today is Sunday, February 17, 2013 and with plenty of things going on, let’s get right to the news!       

 Ron Paul Discusses Drones, Libertarianism, And His Radio Show On NPR’s Smiley & West – 2/15/2013

Obama’s Threat to the Millennial Generation.  “Brownstein, a master of political data, points out that Obama won re-election by a comfortable margin despite “historically weak numbers among the older and blue-collar whites who traditionally anchored the conservative end of the Democratic coalition.” The president won because of his strong support from what Brownstein calls “the Democrats’ new national coalition” – including, importantly, the millennials.”

Obama Pal Jesse Jackson Jr. Sees His Political Career Derailed.  Jesse Jackson Jr. is about to pay the price for misusing campaign funds…seems to be a fairly common problem with those more concerned with themselves than with those they are supposed to serve.

Senator Lindsey Graham says “Obama Knew of Benghazi Threat, Acted After Everybody Was Dead.”  This is what James Clapper told Senator Graham.  He also says Obama didn’t bother to call the Libyan President until the day after the attack on Benghazi…this is completely unacceptable by the Commander-in-Chief. 


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