Presidential News for February 20, 2013

Hello and Welcome to the news for the U.S. President, Barack Obama, the Office of the President, and all things political associated with the President.  Today is Wednesday, February 20, 2013.  It is the 51st day of this year, and we’re all still here…arguing and fighting about what direction the country to go!   Thank you for spending a bit of your time with us today and since your time is very valuable, let’s get right to the news! 

Drone Pilots Get High-Ranked Medals.   Now this is REALLY STUPID!  Ranked ABOVE the Purple Heart???  The Distinguished Warfare Medal??? 

Media Obsessed with Obama Golf Game -What About Drones?!  

President Obama ramps up scare over looming budget cuts.  To me, this is crazy that the mainstream media even gives him air time or ink for this kind of talk.  To start with, these are NOT true budget CUTS, they are REDUCTIONS in the RATE of the budgeted spending INCREASE.   In essence, the whole exercise is nothing but a big ruse and a lie!

The Upside of the Sequester.  ‘Obama didn’t mention one other thing the sequester might accomplish: restoring faith in America’s creditworthiness.’   Oh, and the really “odd” thing to me about Obama bad mouthing the sequester…it was his idea to start with!

David Axelrod and the media’s dying credibility.   Going to MSNBC is not going to help their ratings or give him any more of a pulpit to preach from…because of the number of viewers.

Obama’s obedient lap dog.  ‘The answer is obvious. The media gave Obama the milk without making him buy the cow. It’s a little late to demand respect.’

Sen. Johanns’s retirement could grow Republican Party’s internal conflict.   ‘At least one outside group that typically backs grassroots and Tea-Party-affiliated candidates — the Senate Conservatives Fund — is looking at the race as an opportunity in 2014.’


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