Freedom Not Worth Having

Freedom Not Worth Having
Gandhi and Nehru together in 1929

Gandhi and Nehru together in 1929

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”   – Mahatma Gandhi

When you combine this idea with George Washington’s warning against putting party before country, well it’s not too hard to see that as a nation, the United States has veered dramatically from the course our founding father’s set for the it.

They created a nice plan, including rules to run the government with, and the people we have elected, or allowed to be elected, just couldn’t bring themselves to follow that plan!  Maybe America’s Next President will get us moving back in the direction of the intended path!

I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself “You idiot, Mahatma Gandhi was not a founding father of the United States!”, and you would be right.

Not about the idiot part (my personal opinion), but about the founding father part.  At least Gandhi understood that “Freedom” includes the freedom to fail as well as the freedom to succeed!  That indeed was one of the ideals which played a major role in the early years of our nation.

He also understood success frequently comes after failure.  Failing is often part of the education process, yet in our society, failing is looked at with such disdain that millions and millions are afraid to even try without a safety net in place.  Hence, the bailout was born and used extensively by our politicians.

To me, one of the funny things about the bailouts, especially in banking and real estate, is that they would not have been necessary if not for political meddling in those industries, primarily by elected democrats, but republicans are not entirely without blame.

If today’s politicians would run the national government the way it was intended to be run, in a frugal and non-invasive way, we probably would not have a lot of the economic and political issues we have today.

I say let’s get back to the ideals set forth by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the other founders to straighten out this nation and ensure another 200 or more years of the greatest nation on earth!  Who do you believe should be the one to lead us into the future?  Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, Barack Obama or someone who has yet to announce they would like to?

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