Gary Johnson’s Newest Ad

Gary Johnson’s Newest Ad

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You know we’ve started up a news page for each day, don’t you?  To find them, just look at the top of the site, and choose your day, there you will find a few news stories about the presidential race and those in it. The 2012 Presidential Election appears to be a true turning point in this countries history.  Funny thing though, I’ll bet well over 95% of the news stories only include Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  It sure seems as if the papers and television outlets only care about those two candidates.

Well, that has caused the other candidates to get fairly creative to get their message out there, and here is the newest creation from Gary Johnson and his team!  I hope you enjoy it and at least give Gary a serious look-see.  If you are really wanting to truly return the country to the Constitutional framework that should be running the country, Gary is your man!  If you truly do want a balanced budget without all the hocus-pocus, then Gary is your man!  If you truly are worried about personal Liberty, then Gary is your man!  And, this year, he was the first candidate on all 50 states ballots!

In this ad, he takes some real shots at government run healthcare, so here is his latest ad for your perusal.  As he says, “Be Libertarian with me for One Election”;



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