Haley says “go on, get the facts out.”

Haley says “go on, get the facts out.”
Herman Cain is smiling because he is the man with a plan!

Herman Cain is smiling because he is the man with a plan! Will his plan hold water…that’s the main question.

This was Haley Barbour’s advice to Herman Cain concerning the allegations that he was accused, possibly of sexual harassment (we don’t know because of confidentiality agreements signed by those involved)  by at least two women under his employ at the National Restaurant Association during the 1990’s.

“What are the facts?” asked Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on MSNBC. “If you have a confidentiality agreement that keeps the public from finding out something that the public is interested in knowing the facts, you ought to go on and get the facts out.”

I agree with him, although it took a lot of digging, manpower and money to get the facts out in the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair.  And don’t forget about John Edwards and his fling.  Let’s go all the way back to Teddy Kennedy and his escapades at Chappaquiddick.  These types of things are not beholden to one party or any other category of people, and allegations are pretty easy to make.  Let’s not condemn anyone until the real facts (not someone’s idea of the facts…like a lot of “journalists are want to do) are known.  And if the whole thing has already been settled, what business is it of ours?

The Associated Press article written by Laurie Kellman and Kasie Hunt can be found here.  One little item I found interesting…and possibly telling of where these two writers are coming from is the statement,  “The candidate was supposed to take questions after a speech to health care professionals but he ultimately refused and left the hotel through a back door.”  What they don’t mention, is that normally candidates and other V.I.P.’s normally come and go via a “back door.”  In my opinion there was no need to put that in here, as that is business as usual, for almost all politicians!

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