Help Obama Raise Money for World War 3

Help Obama Raise Money for World War 3

Watch this heartfelt plea to finance WW3 through a Kickstarter Campaign! 

The Goal is $1.6 Trillion, and there are “prizes” for certain donation levels. 

For only a $10 donation, you’ll geta shout out on Social Media.  #yousupportObamaandWorldWarIII.

$25.00 will get you a piece of rubble from a war-torn middle eastern country, kissed by Lindsay Graham — In addition to your social media shout out!

A $100.00 donation get’s you a day pass!
Get out of Camp for a Day Card!
– WW3 will displace most of humanity and the refugee camps will undoubtedly be cesspools of human suffering.  So, take a day for a little me time with this day-pass that should be accepted at most camps.

Pledge $10 million or more and get your own Senator for a Year!!  Why waste time voting or participating in your civic duties when you can have your very own Senator to do whatever you want?  Supplies are limited, but any thing can be worked out!

Help reach our Goal of $1.6 Trillion Dollars.  Remember, when you voted for Obama, you promised to support him, so Help make it happen because of Obama!  

Just in case you didn’t catch on yet, this was thought up and produced by the Second City Comedy Troupe!  You can catch their other videos on OR catch them at their website.

May Freedom and Liberty always be yours.




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