Is ObamaCare on Life Support?

Is ObamaCare on Life Support?

There is still a lawsuit out there that just might derail the so called Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare!

A nurse gives a boy a shot in the arm.

A nurse gives a boy a shot in the arm.

Have you ever heard of the Pacific Legal Foundation?  According to WikipediaPacific Legal Foundation (PLF) is the first and oldest conservative/libertarian public interest law firm in the United States.”

Well, being the smart cookies that they are, as soon as the Supreme Court said ObamaCare is a TAX, they got to work on filing an action with the court to have the entire thing thrown out because of the way it was done.

“Obamacare imposes more than $800 billion in new taxes and fees over the next decade — including the charge on people who choose not to buy federally dictated insurance. PLF is fighting Obamacare in federal court, because its taxes were hatched illegally — they started in the Senate, instead of the House, as required by the Constitution.”

Keep in mind that there actually has a few times that the court allowed spending bills to originate in the Senate, but in those cases the spending always had something to do with the original House Bill.  In this case, the two are not even remotely related to each other.

You see, the House Bill that was gutted and used as a shell for the Senate Bill was House Resolution 3590 (Service Members Home Ownership Act).  Now you tell me, What does a piece of legislation about Service Members becoming Home Owners have to do with taxing and mandating health insurance for all?  It would appear to me that the Democrats were trying to pull a “fast one” on all of us from day one with the Affordable Health Care Act…And with any luck at all, the Supremes will agree and strike the whole thing down, once and for all!

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