Is the Media Warming Up to Ron Paul?

Is the Media Warming Up to Ron Paul?
Dr. Ron Paul is running for the Office of President of the U.S. in 2012

Ron Paul likes his chances and enjoys getting his message out! Photo courtesy of

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Today, I was wondering if the lack of a forceful and convincing message from Mitt Romney has sent the GOP faithful or the Tea Party looking at Ron Paul or Gary Johnson and I found another video from Matt Larson regarding this very subject.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure and like Matt says, “Go Ron Paul!”  We need a Commander-in-Chief that will eradicate Obamacare, get the government under control, turn it into a wise, instead of wasteful government, and start adhering to the Constitution again.  To read all about Ron Paul’s health care plan, please visit and always remember that any time the consumer is in charge, prices go down and the product quality goes up!

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Let’s all hope this election we actually get the change we deserve!

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