Jay Sekulow Interview about “Phony Scandals”

Jay Sekulow Interview about “Phony Scandals”

Jay Sekulow spoke with Laurie Dhue on The Blaze recently to cover what’s going on with the ACLJ and all the “phony scandals” (Mr. Obama’s words, not mine) going on right now.

They touched on the fact that the mainstream media seems to have drastically slowed down it’s reporting of any of these items, even though new pieces of the puzzle are being exposed nearly every single day!  One day it’s a new revelation about the IRS & Lois Lerner, the next day it seems to be something about Fast & Furious, the next it’s the NSA, the next might be all of them together with the eve dropping of another reporter added in!

He says “I can’t amend my lawsuit against the IRS fast enough” while Jay and Laurie were talking about the legal action filed on behalf of the Tea Party groups who were jerked around by the IRS while the 2012 election cycle was in full swing, and in some cases are still being yanked around to this day.

A lot of the issues with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) are mentioned and an admission by Harry Reid that a “single payer” system just might be the end result.  Jay sort of disagrees with Max Baucus (D-Mont) and his assertion that Obamacare is a train wreck coming.  Jay says (and I agree) that Obamacare is a train wreck that is happening right now!

To me, one of the biggest jokes about how the mainstream media and the Obama administration appear to working together is that there is an attempt by some Democrats (and probably some closet “big government” Republicans also) to now codify who can and cannot be considered a journalist.  Talk about trying to control the message! They’re trying to tell you that freedom of the press is valid, as long as we dictate who is the press!  Wow, now there’s another Unconstitutional proposal, in my opinion.

Here’s the interview with Jay and Laurie… hope you enjoy and thanks for trusting AmericasNextPresident.com today to help you stay informed.



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