John McCain says he is Appreciative of the Muslim Brotherhood

John McCain says he is Appreciative of the Muslim Brotherhood
John McCain's official Senate Photo

John McCain's official Senate Photo

John McCain recently did a concise, although  far-reaching, interview with the good folks over at  The
McCain interview can be seen here.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video then here are the bullet points.

  • The Attacks on Sarah Palin were and still are merciless and they make no sense, especially coming from the women on the left.  Under Alaska law, even though she was governor, she had to cover her own legal expenses.  She just couldn’t afford to keep the job any longer, so that’s when she resigned.
  • He thinks (as do I) that issuing a formal apology to the Afgan authorities was a sign of weakness.  He says he would not have done it that way.
  • McCain also said that the Middle East is filled with both danger and opportunity.  He expressed gratefulness for the way the Muslim Brotherhood has tried to help in Egypt with the Non-Governmental agency workers who have been forced to seek refuge in the U.S. Embassy, out of fear of arrest.  He still doesn’t trust them completely, but they are acting as a buffer between the workers and the Military government.
  •  Iran is not a “rational country”, McCain stated.   They have expressed a wish to “wipe Israel off the map.”  This is why it is “puzzling and confounding” that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would say that the Iranians are rational.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu plans to visit the U.S. in March, when he’ll visit with Obama.  McCain says “the last thing the U.S. should be doing is sending a message of weakness to Iran.”  “The U.S. should demonstrate solidarity with Israel.”  Mr. McCain insists he doesn’t know if Israel is planning a pre-emptive attack, he does admit that a “nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat to the state of Israel.”
  • *He believes we should be helping the resistance fighters in Syria much more than we are, as an overthrow of the Assad government will probably weaken the Iranian position too.
  • On the home front, they talked a little about Jan Brewer and the invitation she has received to testify in front of Chuck Schumer on her state’s immigration laws.  McCain is not at all sure that she would receive a fair hearing, as Schumer likes to “bully witnesses” and he’s not sure her testifying would be anything productive.

All this and more were covered in the interview, which is only 7 1/2 minutes.  If you want to hear it for yourself, here’s the McCain Interview Link again.

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