Leak info now, damage the country for years!

Leak info now, damage the country for years!

Here is a video from the OPSEC Education Fund which lays out very clearly how the intelligence leaks coming out of the White House are very damaging to the United States in both the short and long terms.  It’s really amazing to me that someone (the Obama Administration) would leak these secrets or brag about something just to gain a few more votes in the short term.  “Politics should Never come before National Security.”  “The Politicians just Don’t Get It” is said as a photo of Obama and Biden together on stage is shown…and I agree, these two politicians (and a lot of others) absolutely do not get “it.”  All they seem to care about is the next election and grabbing more power so YOU are more dependent on Them!  I hope and pray that America’s Next President will have more reverence for the Office of the President of the United States of America and the position of Commander in Chief, and for all our genuine allies around the world.  Mr. Obama, you could learn a lot from Allen West, about your position and how it should be carried out with respect to YOUR Military OBLIGATIONS.  Remember, you are the one who pledged to “defend and uphold” the Constitution of the United States, you should not have done that if you had no intention of actually doing it!

All I have to say to those in the Military and the Intelligence community who are willing, or already have gone to war to ensure our individual rights and personal liberties are protected and the sovereignty of our nation is upheld, Thank You ever so much!

S. C. Wilkinson



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