Lois Lerner’s Neighbor Refuses to Let Her In

Lois Lerner’s Neighbor Refuses to Let Her In

Recently Jason Mattera tried to ask Lois Lerner a few questions regarding her targeting of conservative groups and where the “missing” email might be.

Much to my surprise, she said she just wanted to be left alone and asked her neighbor to let her in for “just a moment.”

The Mrs. of the home refused, and about that time the Mr. of the home showed up, whereupon he told her (Lois Lerner) and Jason Mattera, “I don’t want her in my home.”

She repeatedly refused to answer questions about the email, IRS targeting of conservative groups, and whether or not she liked being “targeted” herself!

It really seems as if this targeting is something that Ms. Lerner believes should  be a one way street!

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure!

We do hope you have a day filled with Life, Liberty and Your Pursuit of Happiness!



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