Newt to End Bid for Presidency May 1st?

Newt to End Bid for Presidency May 1st?
Newt on the campaign trail in Delaware

Newt on the campaign trail in Delaware

Newt, Thank You for the willingness to throw your hat in the ring, share your ideas and visions with us, and showing the rest of the Republicans how to be better debaters!

It’s being reported that Newt Gingrich will officially end his run for the Presidency on 01 May, 2012.  That will leave just Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on the Republican side, Barack Obama on Democrats side and, it looks like Gary Johnson on the Libertarian side.

This comes as a result of the poor showing he had during the most recent primary day (24 May, 2012).  Newt was really expecting to do much better, especially in Delaware, where he received 27% of the vote to Mitt Romney’s 56%.  Newt, we will miss your constant flow of ideas and your refusal to take the standard amount of “crap” from those in the mainstream media!

Newt has already announced he will be backing Mitt Romney in an effort to unify the Republican party and defeat Barack Obama in November 2012’s Presidential Election.



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