Noam Says Sarah Was Right About Barack!

Noam Says Sarah Was Right About Barack!

Even though I don’t usually agree with Noam Chomsky about much, I’ll give him credit on this one.  In an interview on the Left Wing show “Democracy Now,” Mr. Chomsky said that Sarah Palin was Correct in her assertion that there was “nothing there” in Barack Obama’s campaign.  She was referencing the “hopey, changey” stuff that Mr. Obama kept promising.

In 2010 Sarah is quoted as saying “This was all part of that hope and change and transparency. Now, a year later, I gotta ask the supporters of all that, How’s that hopey, changey stuff working out?”  At the time, the left made jokes and tried to get as much entertainment value out of the quote as was possible, but as Noam says “…She was right, there was nothing there.”

He also admits that the Obama Presidential Campaign was nothing more than a well orchestrated marketing event.  Listen for yourself and let us know what you think!




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