Obama budget plan hits seniors and low-income taxpayers hardest!

Obama budget plan hits seniors and low-income taxpayers hardest!

You remember how Mr. Obama keeps on talking about “making the rich pay their fair share? 

I certainly hope America’s Next President is better about his budget responsibilities than this one has been!   And, I really hope America’s Next President doesn’t attempt to sneak in items that screw those that can least afford to be screwed, like this one is doing!

Graphic of the 2014 Budget Proposal by Barack H. Obama

Graphic of the 2014 Budget Proposal by Barack H. Obama.
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Well, it turns out it’s not just the rich that he’s now intent on extracting cash from.  If you are a Senior Citizen, or will be soon, and depending on Social Security, or if you make minimal amounts of money (the low end of the tax brackets), and the President get’s his way, you’re about to be screwed without so much as a thank you!

His system would extract more money in the most insidious way, slowly and gradually.   Like the difference between dropping a frog in boiling water, or dropping the frog into a pan of cold water and slowly turning up the heat.  The frog gets cooked without realizing it until it’s too late!  That’s exactly what Mr. Obama is trying to do…and You’re the Frog.   And I’m sure that he and other leading politicians will continue to tell you he’s working hard to protect you.   Bah, Humbug!

You see, our (I use that term loosely) President, Mr. Obama, now wants to pretend that he’s balancing the budget…or at least trying to, by changing the way inflation is figured.  

In my book, if something costs $1.00 today, and the same thing costs $1.10 tomorrow, that’s 10% inflation on that product.  The way Mr. Obama (the guy that likes to promote himself as a champion of the elderly and poor) wants it done would change that.  Under his plan, if something costs $1.00 today, and $1.10 tomorrow, it would make no difference at all unless you keep buying that same item. 

He wants to figure out, actually he wants the regulators to figure out (sales figures will tell the regulators, so it won’t be too hard to know) if people are buying some product that is cheaper than the original product.  If they are, and let’s say the “replacement” product only costs .99 cents, then there is no inflation! 

Just seeing into the short term, this will cause a couple of things to happen.   First, each year, fewer dollars will be spent (per person) on Social Security and other entitlement programs (and Yes, according to the Supreme Court, Social Security IS an Entitlement Program…in other words, they consider it to be Welfare), each and every year because of the regressive nature of the “new way” of determining the cost of living.  It’s only human nature to find the best deals so your money goes further…but using Obama’s methods, doing that will only tighten the screws more and more!

Secondly, retailers will have to import more goods from low wage countries because less and less people will be able to afford the higher cost products.   Maybe this is one of the ways the Democrats think they can raise the rest of the world to our standards.  Or maybe it’s their way to lower us to the standards of the rest of the world. 

Whatever the “reasoning” is behind this, I say DO NOT let the administration get away with it, although in the long run, it would probably hurt their chances at being elected again and again.

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