Obama Hitting Bottom Again

Obama Hitting Bottom Again
Obama giving a speech, while attempting to raise his poll numbers

Obama giving a speech, while attempting to raise his poll numbers

On Friday, October 07 2011,  the new Gallup poll came out showing President Obama slipping in the polls over at Gallup  again.  This one shows he’s at a all time low of of only 38% of those surveyed saying they are approving of Mr. Obama’s job performance.

When broken down by party, he did fairly well among democratic voters with a 77% approval and with republicans he came in at a whopping 11%.  The real big change is from independent voters, who chimed in at a 34% approval rating.

The democratic number is down 1 point over the last week and also down 1 point over the last month.

The republican number is up 4 points over the last week and up 1 point over the last month.

The independent number is down 2 points over the last week and down 5 points over the last month!

This is where the real movement is and it shows that despite all the rhetoric and promises and blaming going on, the majority of American voters are just tired of the games.  They are fed up with all the talk and no improvement in the economy.

They seem to be saying “It’s time to shut up, stop playing political games, stop trying to return political favors and get the government out of our lives so we can get on with our lives.”

I formulated this opinion based on a very small, non-scientific poll…actually I overheard 4 people talking at a King Soopers (a Kroger owned store) store in the Denver area, while I was waiting to spend one of my last dollars.

3 women and a man were talking about the job Obama was doing, or in their opinion, not doing.

United States Flag high on the flagpole

This U.S. flag is flying proudly in the breeze.

To a person, they all agreed unless he stopped playing political games and shoving money (and ostensibly jobs) at the unions and political donators there was no way they would vote for him again!  They were really irritated that his programs seem to pushing blacks towards less, not more employment and economic prosperity.   It seemed to occur to them that a majority of Americans do NOT belong to a labor union, so why should a majority of the money go to any labor union?  Why not do what’s best for the majority?  Instead they commented that he was, in fact, catering to the unions and sending most of the stimulus money to those who gave him the most in political contributions!

Back to the Gallup poll, approximately 1,500 people were surveyed by telephone and the poll was assigned a margin of error of +- 3 points.

In my “poll” a sampling of 4 people participated (unknowingly, so it could be a more truthful outcome), and none of them were contacted by phone!




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