Obama promotes infrastructure plan at Miami port

Obama promotes infrastructure plan at Miami port
President Obama inside of new tunnel at Port of Miami.

President Obama is inspecting at the new tunnel in the Port of Miami’s 2013 upgrade.

In an article over at BBC.co.uk, they explain a little about the “Infrastructure Investment Plan” that Mr. Obama has come up with.  If you listen to what he is saying, you’ll soon realize this is almost just like the stimulus package, which was pushed through when he first became president.  He just keeps pushing and hoping that Congress will give him another blank check to do with what he wants.

“US President Barack Obama has appealed for increased private investment in infrastructure, saying it will create jobs and boost the US economy.”   This ‘appeal’ took place at Port Miami, which is already upgrading the port and a new tunnel is being built.

In my opinion, if Mr. Obama were even half as good at managing employees and running the Office of the President of the United States, as he is at campaigning (really, that is what this was…a campaign stop for his slush fund hopes), then maybe our economy would actually be improving by leaps and bounds rather than by dribs and drabs.

I personally want to see the U.S. get away from the “Tax and Spend” model of government and move towards a “Balanced Budget and Smaller Government” model.   In the current tax and spend model, we act as if the country will never have to worry about repaying this debt, and we all know the only way to do that is to become insolvent…which is the ultimate form of repayment, a loss of individual liberty and national freedom!

Which quality will you be looking for most in America’s Next President, campaigner or manager?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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