Obama Then versus Obama Now

Obama Then versus Obama Now

Over at AmericanCrossroads.org they have put together a video to show the two faces of Barack Obama on “healthcare.”  One is the “Obama the Senator” face and the other is the “Obama the President” face.  I find it just amazing that these two faces can live in close proximity to each other and one doesn’t seem to bother the other one at all!

This is just one more instance, or set of instances, where Obama has been caught saying (and doing) whatever he thought would get him the most votes or support, instead of what is right by the people and the Constitution of this great country.  Especially the Constitution…do right by it and you’ll automatically do right by the people.  Remember, the nation was not set up to guarantee equal outcomes in life, it was set up to guarantee Personal Liberty, National Freedom and the ability to succeed or fail based on the choices one makes.  Not the choices one is spoon fed by the government!

Let us know what you think of their video and my little rant by leaving a comment below and we’ll see you again soon,

Stan W.


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