Obamas Birth Certificate Still an Issue?

Obamas Birth Certificate Still an Issue?

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Should a person running for President of the U. S. be REQUIRED to PROVE who they are and that they indeed do meet the birth criteria before allowing their name on the ballot?  What about the 2012 presidential election and Americas Next President?

Do you remember the Obama birth certificate issue?  Sure you do.  They (Obama’s people) were doing everything in their power to keep anyone from seeing an actual birth certificate for Mr. Obama, until Donald Trump got involved…I guess they thought “this guy has enough money to last us out, we’ve got to do something!”…or some kind of thought like that.

Anyway, the Obama administration produced a birth certificate that they claimed was really his and was authentic.  A photo of it can be seen here:


Well, it seems as if a gentleman in New York state began working on their claims in conjunction with the website www.wnd.com.  Below is a part (near the end of their article) of their article…

‘There’s no doubt the Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery’

This is an authentic 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate shown on WND.com

After analyzing the typeface on the two documents Irey felt the results of the study were conclusive: “Obama’s birth certificate was typed on more than one typewriter – just what we would expect if the document was forged. The authentic 1961 birth certificate was typed on only one typewriter – just what we would expect if the document was legitimate.”

To make it clear, he said, “This comparison study done with another birth certificate that authentically came from a person born at Kapiolani Hospital shortly after Obama alleges he was born there has proven to me that we have one birth certificate with many mismatching typed letters – Obama’s birth certificate – and then we have another from the same hospital without any mismatched letters.”

He continued: “Common sense tells us that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, precisely because the letters typed on the document don’t match.”

Irey was willing to stake his professional reputation on this result.

“My 50 years in typography, my 25 years composing pages with Macintosh computers, and owning and using nearly every type of reproduction equipment leave me no doubt: the Obama birth certificate is a forgery.”

Irey said not only is the Obama birth certificate a forgery, but it is “a poorly done forgery that only an inexperienced [person] would ever dare claim was authentic.”
****End of Copy from WND.com.****

If you would like to read the whole article, just go to wnd.com’s website and see their evidence so you can decide for yourself.

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