Obama’s Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate is a Fake!

Obama’s Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate is a Fake!

Take a very close look at this video and then go to the article that I’ve linked to below the video.

It appears as if the Obama legal team is taking a new line of defense…and some judge has actually decided to go along with them!

Obama’s legal team is saying that only legal documents should be allowed in court as evidence.  Since his “birth certificate” is not a legal document (they admitted it was fraudulent), it therefore cannot be admitted in court as evidence!

Folks, this particular case was about the idea that the document was faked to begin with!  To make a decision like this, well, this is the type of “judicial activism” Obama was railing against in a speech only 2 weeks ago!  It’s really funny that judicial activism is not a good thing when it works against him, but not a chirp from his lips when it works for him.

Another very ironic twist is all the threats and sanctions and penalties that this administration has levied against others, all the while having apparently committed an impeachable offense.  Is this the status quo in American politics today?  As has been said over and over, this 2012 Presidential election is probably the most important election in the history of our country.  As I’ve said before, the only candidates running for President of the United States that would really support our Constitution are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.  Romney is, in my opinion, a much better alternative than Obama, but he is still a “bigger government” type of guy.

This article from Examiner.com has links to all kinds of information to verify what Matt says in the video.  A couple of folks from the Tea Party filed a claim that Obama was ineligible to be on the N.J. ballot this November and this is the result, at least for now.  Maybe a certain judge will now lose their job also.

And don’t forget to take another look at what we posted back on September 13, 2011 regarding this issue and the expert then that claimed the “birth certificate” they offered was a forgery.

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