One in, One out and She Won!

One in, One out and She Won!
Rick Perry speaking at the VFW national convention

Rick Perry speaking at the VFW national convention

Rick Perry is in, Tim Pawlenty is out and Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll on the 13th of August, 2011 in the race for Americas Next President.

Let’s start with the Iowa Straw Poll results.

The top three finishers were:

  • Michele Bachmann with 4,823 votes
  • Ron Paul with 4,671 votes
  • Tim Pawlenty with 2,293 vote


Michele Bachmann smiling at the results

Michele Bachmann smiling at the results

Congratulations to Michele Bachmann for her win!  A win for a champion of the Constitution and a smaller, more manageable government.  Michele has consistently voted in a way that promotes personal liberty and prosperity while limiting government.

To many this order really was not expected.  A lot of the pundits “in the know” did not expect Bachmann to win, nor did they expect Ron Paul to finish in second!  Congrats to Ron for his strong showing!

The national media seems to want to somewhat ignore these early results or write them off as being from unsophisticated voters.  They really don’t seem to want to admit that enough people across the nation has become fed up with Washington politicians thinking they can spend our money better than we can and that they consistently take actions that would suggest that they believe they are above the law or better than the rest of us.  Another couple of showings like this and they won’t be able to ignore these feelings any longer.

The third place finish was not enough for Pawlenty to continue with his quest for the 2012 Republican nomination.  The day after the straw poll, on the 14th of August, 2011, he officially ended his campaign to replace Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Our many thanks to Tim Pawlenty for giving it a go and bringing his concerns and solutions to the forefront.  Our very best wishes to you in all your future endeavors Mr. and Mrs. Pawlenty!

During the course of the 2012 presidential race, there will probably be others getting in and eventually all but one will be eliminated.  Good luck and many thank yous to those that are brave enough to get in the race to begin with.

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