Political Games

Political Games

A couple of fine examples of political games have been seen in the last week.

Last week, President Obama decided that he should give his newest “jobs” speech on Wednesday, 07 Sept., 2011 to a joint house of Congress.  “Yeah, so?” you thought to yourself.  “What’s so important about that date?”

The issue is that republican presidential candidates had their next debate scheduled for that evening and our President apparently thought he could usurp their camera and television time just by announcing his next “big” speech.

The result was that John Boehner refused to “invite” the President to speak on Wednesday, and instead invited him to speak any other night.  Thursday (09 Sept.) was chosen.

This is just another example of our politicians attempting to play political games with the American public.  George Washington warned us about putting “party before nation.”

Just a few days later (Labor Day 2011), in Detroit, Michigan, President Obama was scheduled to speak before a gathering of United Auto Worker Union members (I must assume other unions were also represented).

During the introduction by James Hoffa Jr., Mr. Hoffa told the President “Here are your soldiers” and “let’s get those Sons of Bitches”, referring to the republicans and the tea party in particular.

The gamesmanship here is that the President has spent the last three years lecturing about how important it is to “turn down the rhetoric” and make more of an effort to get along.

It seems as if he had been directing those admonitions towards only the republicans and in particular those calling themselves the tea party!  This is because his response to Mr. Hoffa’s comments was (given by a spokesman, no less) “The white house cannot take on the role of the speech police.”  Didn’t seem to be an issue several times earlier when things were supposedly said, which the facts later proved were lies and deliberate distortions.

These are only two recent examples of the way our government, and thus, our nation are being run today.

In my opinion the public in general is becoming very tired of these kinds of games from someone who, during his run for the office claimed he would do his best to get both parties to join together and do away with political rhetoric to do what’s best for the country!

The old adage “What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.” just doesn’t seem to matter to those in the Obama administration, although it matters a great deal to the public at large.

Fairness and Freedom are keystones to this Republic and a good number of everyday people across the nation are really getting tired of those in politics who don’t seem to care about either for the average person!

I believe it’s time to elect someone as Americas Next President who won’t play these types of games constantly and who will actually keep (or try very, very hard) their campaign promises.  Maybe it is time for a third party to materialize and make a run to shake up the “good old boys and girls club” that has run both the democrat and republican parties for far too long.

As Thomas Jefferson said “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

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