Really Kathleen, How Many Have Paid for Obamacare?

Really Kathleen, How Many Have Paid for Obamacare?

Ms. Sebelius was recently asked before Congress to answer a few questions regarding Obamacare.  Among those questions was “how many alleged Obamacare enrollees have actually paid for the insurance plans they browsed through an online marketplace.”

Her response was “I can’t tell you because I don’t know that.  We don’t collect that data.”

She may be technically correct in that they don’t collect that data.  However, according to an unnamed insurance industry source, that data HAS BEEN COLLECTED and PASSED ON TO HER OFFICE!  Therefore, she, or at least Health and Human Services, does indeed have the data, and apparently she chooses to be willfully ignorant about the results…Or…she is flat out lying.

Based on past performance, I know which one I think it is, but I’ll let you decide this one without me actually saying it.




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