Romney adds 20 more delegates

Romney adds 20 more delegates
The Flag of Puerto Rico

The Flag of Puerto Rico

On Sunday, March 18, 2012, Mitt Romney added another 20 delegates to his count and increased his lead heading into the Illinois and Louisiana primaries later this week.  Mitt was able to garner nearly 83% of the vote in Puerto Rico to be awarded all 20 delegates that Puert0 Rico has to offer.

As of today, Mitt has 489 delegates to Santorums 237.  Newt Gingrich now has 134 and Ron Paul has 69 delegates.  These numbers are the “pledged” delegates only.  The lead is increasing for Mitt Romney and if it keeps going like this, he just might wrap up the nomination in late June or early July.   At that point he could (and should) really launch into full campaign mode for the 2012 Presidential Election and the race for the White House.

All of the other candidates have no plans on quitting before the convention, but unless one or more of them can start winning some primaries pretty decisively, they may not have much choice in the matter.  At a nearly 260 delegate lead, Mr. Romney is sitting in a fairly nice position, but he cannot afford to relax.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2012, the state of Illinois will hold it’s primary with 69 delegates at stake, and at the end of the week, March 24, 2012, Louisiana will hold its primary with 46 delegates available to the candidates.   This week presents another chance for Newt, Rick and Ron to slow down the Mitt train, and maybe even reel him back to the pack a little.

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