Romney Played Role in Setting Up Obamacare

Romney Played Role in Setting Up Obamacare
Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama discuss things

Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama discuss things

It has recently come to light that Mitt Romney, or more correctly, some of his aides played a critical role in setting up the “Affordable Health” bill that we today call Obamacare.

This would somewhat explain why he has been so hesitant to say what almost all republicans want to hear… That the version of universal healthcare he signed into law in Massachusetts (while he was governor) was a mistake.

NBC reporter Michael Isikoff, wrote this report today outlining how this happened.

After taking a look at the White House visitor logs it was discovered that three (3) Romney aides had a dozen or so meetings during 2009 with senior White House officials, and at least one of the meetings Barack Obama himself, sat in on.

One of Romney’s key aides, Jon Gruber (also an MIT economist) attended at least five (5) of those meetings.  He said “They really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.”

Mr. Gruber was even awarded $380,000.00 to work on drafting  a federal law based on the Massachusetts law.

Earlier in 2010, Romney asked of Obama (after hearing Obama say Romney was the “Inspiration of his plan”, Romney came back with “If that’s the case, why didn’t you call me?”  “Why didn’t you ask what was wrong?”

Well, apparently Obama did call…we just weren’t supposed to find out about it!  It really looks as if Romney is more of the same of the last two presidents (if not many, many more), tax and spend, then deny.

Maybe Americas Next President will be a little different and think about being frugal with our money instead of spending it faster than it can come in!

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