Romney Wins in Landslides in All 5 States

Romney Wins in Landslides in All 5 States

Well, Mitt Romney won big in all 5 states tonight.  New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware all voted overwhelmingly in favor of Mr. Romney.

I believe him being the nominee before tonight was pretty certain, but after tonight I would say that Mitt Romney will indeed by the nominee to take on Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election this November.  With the size of these wins, the lions share of the 231 delegates available tonight went to Mitt, which would push his delegate count well over 800…not too much further from him to go to win the nomination on the first ballot.

Watch his victory speech here and listen to Mitt going after Obama rather than Gingrich or Paul.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about his speech tonight.  Are you happy with his vision for America in the future?  He alludes to a lot of things in his speech, especially the “unfairness” of the things that define the Obama administration, and his desire to change those things.

While Barack Obama was on a taxpayer funded campaign trip to 3 Universities trying to whip up some support by talking about student loan interest rates, Mitt Romney was busy pointing out a lot of the failed policies of the Obama administration and asking the question, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”, and he also asked “Do you have as much hope for the future as you did four years ago?”

In Mitt’s vision, America once again will be considered the Greatest Nation on Earth!  Have a listen, and let us know if you agree with Mitt or with Baracks vision for Americas Future.

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