Ron Paul or a Wheelbarrow…which do YOU choose?

Ron Paul or a Wheelbarrow…which do YOU choose?
Dr. Ron Paul is running for the Office of President of the U.S. in 2012

Ron Paul likes his chances and enjoys getting his message out! Photo courtesy of

Hi again and today I would like to point out an article over at by John Myers concerning probably the most compelling reason to take Ron Paul seriously.

The article is titled “Your Choice: Ron Paul or a Wheelbarrow.” In it, John talks about our nations debt, and what happens when there is too much debt on a national level.

In Mr. Myers article he includes a very telling chart, straight from the Federal Reserve showing the U.S. base money supply since 1910, it’s acceleration in size starting in the mid 1970’s and it’s explosion in size since 2010.  And boy, oh boy, has the base money supply really exploded under Obama!

John so rightly points out that only twice in American history has the population experienced hyper-inflation…both times were because of wars…on our homeland (1779 & 1861-65).

Both of those instances were caused by national debt! All the “road signs” indicate hyper-inflation is coming soon and the cause can be laid at the feet of all our politicians refusing to make the government live within it’s means. In other words, we are destroying our own country by continuing to elect those that WILL NOT make the tough choices, then carry through with what needs to be done.

Far too many of our politicians and lawmakers are far too worried about bringing home the bacon, and garnering more votes for their next election campaign, instead of actually adhering to their oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States and the Sovereignty of our nation.

What do YOU think about this? Is Ron Paul the only candidate that will make the tough choices and stick to them? Do you know that he has several years of congressional voting record to back up the claim that he does care and is sincere and consistent?  Do you know that unless something is done about this mess, and soon, our politicians will have successfully eradicated our National Freedom and our Personal Liberty all while claiming to “help us.”  Please…Stop Helping Us and Get Out of Our Pockets!

Do yourself a favor and go read John Myers article at (opens in a new window), then come back here and let us know what you think.

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