Senator Orin Hatch Wonders….

Senator Orin Hatch Wonders….

In this video, Senator Orin Hatch (R – UT) wonders if the Obama administration realizes that Congress is a Co-Equal Branch of Our Government. 

Of course, with the preponderance of evidence recently (Benghazi, IRS Actions, Fast and Furious, the way Obamacare was passed, the DOJ and Phone Records), one must certainly wonder if they do. 

Here is Senator Hatch talking about the hearings that WILL be held concerning the IRS, and the real possibility that we are losing rights and freedoms as we speak!

The big question we propose is:

Who do you want to see as America’s Next President and do YOU want to see America put more stock into the Individual and Personal Liberty, Prosperity and National Freedom our forefathers fought and died for, or do You want the government to take care of us, cradle to grave, as the progressives apparently do?

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