Jay Sekulow Interview about “Phony Scandals”
Jay Sekulow spoke with Laurie Dhue on The Blaze recently to cover what's going on with the ACLJ and all the "phony scandals" (Mr. Obama's words, not mine) going on right now. They touched on the fact that the mainstream media seems to have drastically slowed down it's reporting of any of these items, even though new pieces of the puzzle are being exposed nearly every single day!  One day it's a new revelation about the IRS & Lois Lerner, the next day it seems to be something about Fast & [...]
Presidential News for August 16, 2012
Hey there and welcome back to the Presidential News page for Thursday, 16 August, 2012.  We do appreciate you spending a bit of your time with us here today.  While you're here, be sure to check out our Presidential Papers Club.  Armed with these documents and the commentary that goes along with them, you will always be able to counter anything your liberal friends/enemies try to tell you!  Now, on to the News! Pennsylvania Judge Rules that Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law is Valid and Will go [...]

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