Democratic Strategist

Arrogance has sunk more than one political campaign
Obama Left The Back Door Open!  Will it be the undoing of Obama in Michigan?? “I’ve been screaming at [the Obama campaign] for months that this race was going to be close. They didn’t listen to me.” -- A Michigan Democratic strategist talking to Power Play about the presidential race in the Great Lakes state. Amazingly enough this kind of thing happens time and time again. A candidate has an area that he or she thinks will absolutely vote for him/her no matter what.  So tha [...]
Dems say Being a Mother is NOT Work!
Last Wednesday (11 April, 2012) Hillary Rosen, who is a Democratic Strategist, made the comment that "Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life."  Rumor has it that all statements such as this coming from the Democratic party are OK'd by White House Senior Staff or Obama himself.  I don't know if it's true, but it does make sense.  If it is true, it says a lot about the priorities and attitudes of those in charge of the Democratic Party. In [...]

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