George Zimmerman

Where’s Al Sharpton and Barack Obama Now???
Did you hear about Chris Lane, the 23 year old Australian baseball player that was killed recently in Duncan, Oklahoma,  because three teenagers were "bored?" I think it wasn't so much that they were just "bored," I think it was a combination of that and a way to make themselves and their gang look much tougher and stronger.  Here's a newsflash, shooting someone in the back while they are jogging doesn't make you tough. Well, as it turns out, of the three, two of the assailants are black [...]
Wayne Allan Root Was George Zimmerman
Hi All, Good to see you again and good to see you're doing so well today! Do you know who Wayne Allan Root is?  He is a small businessman, and a Libertarian, and an all around good guy!  Well, today he has a video out that pretty well explains some points of fact in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case and is well worth listening to.  He explains how 36 years ago, he was George Zimmerman for a few moments and how a lot of people are looking at the case wrong and choosing to ignore a lo [...]

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