Virgil Goode

A Free and Open Presidential Debate
Are you happy with the Republican or the Democratic candidate we are offered this election year?  Did you know you do have other options?   We have written about Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party a bit on this site, and one of the writers here does indeed endorse Mr. Johnson.  There are others though, and here is the "Third Party" candidates Debate held in late October 2012. The Participants in this Presidential Debate are Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode and Gary Johnson.  [...]
Presidential News for August 01, 2012
Hi and Welcome back to the Presidential News page for 01 August, 2012.   Today there is lots of news to talk about so let's get right to it! Tea Party says Stop Spending Like There is No Tomorrow to both Boehner and Reid! Is the Ted Cruz win in Texas enough to cause both the GOP and the Dems to actually pay attention to the Tea Party? Is Team Obama pinning their hopes on Gary Johnson (Libertarian party nominee) and Virgil Goode (Constitution party nominee) for a second term in the Whi [...]

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