The 2012 CPAC Straw Poll

The 2012 CPAC Straw Poll

11 Feb 2012

I’m sure you’ve heard the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held recently, and I thought maybe you would like to know that Mitt Romney won the straw poll this year with 38% of the vote.

I have a couple of the speakers for you here, the first video is Lt. Col. Oliver North and the second one is Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. 

Here’s is Lt. Col. North’s speech.

And here is Wayne La Pierre’s speech.

Rick Santorum came in second with about 31%, Newt Gingrich was third with only 15% and Ron Paul was fourth with 12% of the  “straws.”  Most of the time there are a few people that dismiss these totals as meaningless, since it really can be construed as a popularity contest and quite frequently the votes are “bought.”  We’ll do another column about that and explain it a little more fully.

There was also a telephone “vote” of about 600 people that identify themselves as conservative, and Romney won that too, but only by 2% points.

After getting spanked on the Tuesday before CPAC by Santorum (Colorado, Misourri and Minnesota) , I’m sure Romney is breathing a little easier now.  It looks as if he has convinced a few more folks that he really is a conservative…or at least he’s conservative enough to run against Obama while carrying the Republican banner.  But really, we should probably let the voters of these United States decide that.

The next challenges for our field of Republican hopefuls are Michigan, Arizona, then Super Tuesday on March 6th.




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